I'm a simple girl at heart.

Meet Justine

Fine Art Photographer

I love going on everyday adventures. Whether it’s hiking or taking a long way home, I often find myself exploring new spaces. 

I love thunderstorms and the smell of a rainy day.

Early mornings with the windows wide open is my happy place because it reminds me of my grandmother’s house which was filled with sweet memories. Growing up I spent a lot of time outside climbing trees, roller-skating or simply imagining what my life would look like in the future. 

Many things inspire and influence my photography; from the way the lighting shines through creating a mixture of shadows and light to the emotions that set the mood from the people I’ve met and photographed.

I crave to capture candid moments that will one day become your cherished memories. While working with clients I look for beautiful light and locations that are unique– location scouting is one of my favorite ways to pass time! 

From the initial meet to your customized session until the viewing of your portraits, I pour all of me into every session.

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