Summer 2016

This summer my daughters and I took a trip to Pennsylvania and New York. A part of me was hesitant to share this on here but my hope is that someone somewhere can take a look at their life from a different perspective. I’ll share with you why as we go on.

Meet Kirsten, my youngest. (4)


Before you call her Kristen. It’s KEIR-STEN. She (well, we) cringe when people mispronounce her name. She’s my bubble gum and the baby in our family. IMG_4196

And my oldest, Kourtney. (6) Who sometimes does and doesn’t like to pose for pictures. IMG_4199

She’s my helper and my mini me. My smart girl who I know one day will accomplish great things.


For the past couple of months I was back and forth about taking this trip. Mainly because I would go on this trip alone (with children). But if you’re anything like me and believe in fate then, I felt like I was destined to go on this trip.


On the day we arrived, we didn’t do very much because we landed in the later part of the evening. The locals in Philadelphia recommended a popular place that served cheesesteaks. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of our food but you can believe me when I say it was pretty damn good.


Day 2 was mostly dedicated to sight seeing and the aquarium.

GOPR0862 GOPR0884The girls and I had a blast looking at all their underwater creatures. (:


We then went off to visit the well known, Liberty Bell.

GOPR0932 GOPR0944

I believe I was more excited than they were. GOPR0955 IMG_4516

It was still quite early so we made a trip to this place called, Magic Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful! IMG_4421IMG_4588

Instilling art appreciation into my children is something really meaningful to me.  IMG_4622

They loved this place.IMG_4654

We visited some well known statues as well.IMG_4779 IMG_4840

Mind you I had to go up these famous, “Rocky Steps” carrying a stroller. -.- Out of breath and out of shape but the view was well worth it!IMG_4851

We decided to call it a night after this.


Day 3. Sesame Place!


Also 4th of July! God Bless America! GOPR1019 GOPR1021 GOPR1023

My girls and I LOVED this park and their incredible 80 degree weather. GOPR1030 GOPR1051

Swimming is something my girls always love to do. So we did exactly that.GOPR1069

I’ve read that life is too short to care about what others think of you and what you look like. Like most moms there, I wore my swimsuit proudly because my children will grow up and remember the memories I gave them and NOT what I looked like. 🙂


As the night was ending and the fireworks began, it poured! I mean, pretty hard. But we soaked up every single moment. Literally! GOPR1119

Day 4. New York City!GOPR1134 GOPR1135 GOPR1136

The place I had only seen on television and pictures. I couldn’t believe we were here!GOPR1152

My girls and I got to visit NYC’s American Girl store where they each picked out their very own doll. GOPR1160

I probably have the least amount of pictures to share from NYC mostly because I was lagging around a stroller and afraid of getting pick-pocketed.GOPR1230 GOPR1246
But these memories will last me a lifetime though. 🙂GOPR1262 IMG_4930

As you know, we HAD to visit the Empire State Building.


I swear I felt light-headed and could not look down for more than 5 seconds without feeling as if I was going to fall. 13568927_1054621491297045_4609735375901328239_o

So a “selfie” from a distance would have to suffice. GOPR1270

Day 5. Cupcakes for breakfast!GOPR1271

We visited TLC’s Carlo’s Bakery. GOPR1277

And made a stop at Coney Island. GOPR1306

This day will forever be one of the BEST days of my life! 13603435_1057046304387897_1798229260987326524_o

For lunch, we visited my *ahem… future husband’s restaurant,

Wahlburgers! GOPR157113559206_1055030834589444_4919297493046559853_o

ughhhhh…. it was sooooo good! GOPR1616

We drove to Hershey, PA and had some time to spare so we visited the Chocolate Factory.  GOPR1663 GOPR167113575778_1055239854568542_4167696816408513346_o

Day 6. Hershey Park!

13641097_1055508544541673_6158897401609004042_oWe got up bright and early to make our very own chocolate bar.

These two couldn’t wait and ate their chocolate shortly after.GOPR1728

We walked on over to the Park and spent the day getting on rides.GOPR1738 GOPR1743 GOPR1771

We all had so much fun! We definitely have to return here in a couple of years.13576818_1055668847858976_7199564780203470247_o

Lastly, we went back to the hotel to shower and change for a quick (I mean like 10 minutes) photo shoot. It was so pretty and peaceful in Hershey that we had to make a stop for some family pictures.


Thanks to my handy tripod and self timer that took this. I love this picture and the little girls who are in it.

Day 7. Back to Philadelphia!


But first, we stopped to dip our feet at this gorgeous pond.a-IMG_5268 IMG_5036 IMG_5067 IMG_5076 IMG_5158

We also have this little tradition where we look for an antique shop to visit when traveling.GOPR1780

This antique quilt made it’s way back home with us to Texas.


And that little deer on the top right cubby. I have a soft spot for antiques. 13667933_1057829457642915_8785608441760418799_o

We ended our night at Philadelphia’s Spruce Street Harbor Park. GOPR1800 GOPR1801

This was too cool! 13585239_1056692534423274_4462022601586683429_oGOPR1817

We skated.GOPR1818

I laughed in tears!!!!! We probably all looked like amateurs but I didn’t care. 🙂13613672_1056680061091188_3540276746011111176_o

As I reflect on the past couple of years in my life I’ve realized that life doesn’t stop for anyone. Take vacations and go make memories with your family. You can always earn more money but you cannot get these years back once the time has passed.


Many friends had asked, “Why Philly?” I shared this on my personal fb page and this is my main reason.Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.27.47 AM

I felt the need to share a little piece of my life on here because my clients who most have also turned into friends helped make this dream of mine possible. Know that every time you hire a small business owner, you help a family like mine. From dance classes, to summer vacations, to helping me get through school, I thank you. I love photographing you and your families and pour my love into this craft so that your family and mine can both have memories to cherish years from now. ❤


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