The Garcia Family!

Meet the Garcia Family!


I had such a great time visiting their ranch. Even the horses smiled for the camera. :)
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The boys are about to complete their Holy Communion this month.
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We had to get a few individual shots too!
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This picture was so special to the family because Mr. Garcia built this house behind him. <3

And as you can see, they are still very much in love. So sweet!
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Soo it’s definitely been a while since the last time I’ve blogged butttttt… I’m back! & ready to share a few of my favorite photos that I’ve taken over the past few weeks. This couple was the absolute cutest! They will be tying the knot later this month and I had the honor of taking their engagement photos. : )

engagement collage


…and of course we had to do something fun for the “save the date” photo.


Through my eyes…

Photography for me has become more than just taking a good picture… It’s about creating it. A lot of the work comes after the session has past. Although it is important to know your camera and your settings quite well, for me it’s the love of art to see my image come to life. I’ve decided to share a before and after of the same photo. Looking at the top one you might think she’s not staring at the camera, she’s not smiling. But what I see is somewhat different. I see a cold, colorful, and snowy day. I see curiosity in her eyes as she explored her surroundings that day. This brings me happiness.